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Environmental and Territorial Management

Environmental management is a managerial tool that contributes with sustainability and business. It stimulates the search for and innovation of better techniques to boost competitiveness for enterprises of several economic segments. Consumers are increasingly aware of its role, thus praising and choosing goods manufactured and services provided by companies which invest on actions to preserve and recover the environment.
The effective environmental management adds value to the product, increases the visibility of the company and enhances its reputation.
The public administration also benefits from effective environmental management, since it promotes the sustainable use of natural resources, thus creating social and economic returns. Both public and private administration create means for the use of public and private places at a planned, organized fashion which helps optimize positive impacts and minimize negative effects of human activities.
An effective system of environmental and territorial management properly works through operational mechanisms that promote better understanding of focus areas. The prompt response to demands arising from the processes of intervention is yet another important characteristic of effective environmental management.
Expressão Socioambiental develops solutions that contribute with the elaboration of policies and systems of environmental management to be implemented, as well as with the strengthening of managerial approaches already underway. The company provides a large set of products and solutions to help provide effective environmental and territorial management. Some of these products and solutions are listed below.

Socioenvironmental diagnosis;

Interactive and participatory master plans;

Georeferenced data platform.