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Management of Stakeholders

Expressão Socioambiental believes cultural and environmental realities result from a combination of contributions coming from different hands, but working together for a common purpose. Therefore, even critical stances may add, once they are properly heard and managed.
Knowing the parties interested in creating a relationship with stakeholders is a key aspect to succeed in any institutional activity. Opening to dialogue contributes with the establishment of mutual confidence between the parties involved, thus representing the first step towards the engagement of stakeholders.
The adequate management of stakeholders´ engagement in all phases of the process, at a responsible and qualified fashion, may give rise to opportunities and avoid conflicts. Bearing this in mind, Expressão Socioambiental provides and also manages stakeholders´engagement. Below are some of the products and solutions we provide in this area.


hand_brownMapping of stakeholders;

hand_brownSensitivity Analysis;

hand_brownConflict mediation;

hand_brownRelationship planning.