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Environmental Licensing

The implementation of new enterprises, notably those of great size and impact, calls for a thorough decision-making process, comprising economic, social and environmental aspects, which in turn play a role on the development of regions or even and entire country. Due to its nature, a set of players, from both public and private sectors, are involved with the implementation a new business, in accordance with the licensing guidelines.
To this end, the social and environmental planning is deemed necessary, which considers the impacts of the new activity and the formal agreements that serve as guidelines for measures that might be taken to promote the social and environmental standards for the region affected.
Expressão Socioambiental understands the strategic role of this planning activity, as well as its relevance for the proper operationalization of the new enterprise and the preservation of living standards of the people affected. We present the best solutions and technologies to make new businesses possible with the least impact and greatest return for the environment. In this attempt, we rely on the following sets of products, designed for each stage of the environmental licensing:


hand_brownCultural and socieconomic diagnosis;

hand_brownAssessment of impacts;

hand_brownPublic hearings.