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Carry out research and projects in environmental, socioeconomic and cultural areas, combining new information technologies and research with traditional methods that aim at strengthening groups and communities, thus enhancing the benefits of our work and adding value to our clients´ activities.


Become an internationally recognized company in research and projects within the next ten years, having our work published and awarded for its innovation, methodological renovation and contribution to the improvement of people´s lives.


hand_darkblue Promotion and improvement of life quality for groups involved in the company´s work.

hand_darkblueRespect to clients and use of innovative methods to meet their demands.

hand_darkblueAccurate and effective communication, based on the commitment to the best approaches, aiming at developing alternatives and solutions for clients.

hand_darkblueTechnological innovation on the behalf of the mankind and the environment.

hand_darkblue Promotion of justice by means of easy dialogue and negotiation among stakeholders.

About the company

Expressão Socioambiental Pesquisa e Projetos is prepared to work with a large array of activities related to the environment, its cultural and socioeconomic aspects, comprising studies of feasibility, assessment of project risks and impacts, socioenvironmental diagnosis, institutional and personnel management, mobilization and social communication, implementation of conservation units and projects focused on social and community development.

Resulting from a merger with the over-decade long experienced Lara Roque Assessoria em Meio Ambiente, Expressão Socioambiental has consolidated experience in providing solutions to challenges that stem from the demands to align the implementation of great enterprises with socioeconomic development and improvement of social and environmental quality.


hand_brown Expressão Socioambiental Pesquisa e Projetos was founded on February 20th, 2014 with commitment to excel in cultural, environmental and socioeconomic studies and focus on aspects related to sustainability and quality of life.

Focus Areas

Management of Public Heritage;
Environmental Licensing;
Management of Stakeholders;
Environmental and Territorial Management;
Strategic Advisory.
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