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Some Projects Concluded

Focus Areas

LT 500 kV Itabirito – Vespasiano

LT 500 kV Marimbondo II

LT 230 kV Marabá – Itacaiúnas

Road Duplication of BR-040

Touristic Inventory in 32 municipalities of Rio Doce Basin

Mata Grande Mine

Jequitaí Dam

Focal Groups on the SEBRAE brand name

EIV – Historical Center of the City of Salvador

Socioeconomic Assessment for LT Itabirito – Vespasiano Licensing
(State of Minas Gerais, comprising 8 municipalities).

Socioeconomic Assessment for LT Marimbondo II Licensing (States of Minas Gerais and São Paulo,
comprising 33 municipalities).

Communication Advisory, Management of Stakeholders, Study of Community Displacement Alternatives.

Stakeholders’ Perception Analysis of Escola de Formação Gerencial SEBRAE.

Inventory of Touristic Services.

Ethnoarcheology of the gold-digging activity in the municipality of Jequitaí, Minas Gerais, as part of dam construction projects aiming at the perpetuation of water sources.

Identification, mapping, analysis and monitoring of the Executive and Legislative branches of the State of Minas Gerais, in both state and municipal levels.

Neighborhood Impact Assessment EIV – Bairro Comércio Salvador.

Touristic, Sports and Cultural Assessment in 32 municipalities impacted by the Fundão dam-burst.

Material and Immaterial Heritage Inventory of 8 municipalities of Serra do Cipó (Cipó Mountain Ridge).

Coordination of Distance Learning Course for IPHAN and UNESCO, covering contents of Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

Preparation of material for UNESCO about the First World Indigenous Games.

Training on UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Management for the personnel working for the Ministry of Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

Angola and
Cape Verde


Sao Tome and Principe

Guinea Bissau